Uni Student Manager

Uni Student Manager

Uni Student Manager is a 38 week university student simulator, where you take full control of a student and guide them through their year.

You control everything from when they eat to how much they study, trying to lead them towards a successful university life.

Absolute freedom is given to the player however missing lectures, failing assignments and poor need management will all lead to detrimental effects.

Download the Game

Windows only.

The game was written in C++ and uses the Allegro library. It has a full timetable, assignment, grading, work, studying and needs system, each one being crucial to the overall game.

All code and art assets were created first hand to give the unique style and gameplay I was going after.

I created the lifestyle based around that of my course (Games Programming), however I am planning to re-create the game and vastly expand it.

The large number of variables and needs the player has to control make for challenging gameplay.

It proved to be quite the hit among my course, with people from multiple groups playing the game, providing feedback and bug information.

I was incrediby pleased with the final outcome of the game (the submitted game received a grade of 98%) and hope to improve on this in the future.