Puull was a news aggregator that I was creating over the course of 2014.

Unlike other news applications it was designed to get news from across the web and allow users to specify exactly what they wanted to follow and what they didn't via tags.

I was planning to release the app for both desktop (via the web) and mobile devices however due to time constraints (and starting university) the project was eventually cancelled.

Users would sign up for a Puull account that allowed them access to all of the content across the different sites, each one categoring to a different type of news.

Each account would give the user a certain number of tags that they could freely use to either follow or ignore tags. Ignoring would prevent the users from ever seeing articles that headlined with a certain tag while following them would make them appear in their feed. The plan was to have a "Pro" user tier where you would receive a larger number of tags for a monthly fee, along with the ability to block tags (never see the related news).

I never planned for the project to be a source for new, rather a source for finding and discovering news, almost comparable to that of an "Auto Reddit".

The project was created with PHP running on Google App Engine for the web portion with the mobile utilising App Engine's Cloud Endpoints and NoSQL for Android.

Accounts and data synced across every device and site with the experience and results being seamless for the user.