ModHub Downloader

ModHub Downloader

The Modhub Downloader was a C# application that extends from the ModHub website, allowing for automatic mod installing as well as being able to modify hidden game settings and features for CrossFire.

It had over 30,000 downloads throughout it's availability and had over 50,000 unique logins.

The program expanded on previous applications I created by including automated patching, a custom installer, a fully customised interface and a URL protocol that allowed for lightweight mod installing.

The aim of the software was to make modding easier for the standard user. Due to the nature of the game files it’s not the easiest thing to always get right, so by reducing the hurdles they have to jump through I could increase the reach of modding.

I made sure to include enough extra features, such as backup creation, full user settings, game settings and the option to still use the site for downloads to ensure that the software was as useful as it could be.