MappMe is a personal mapping application for use on your own server, utilising the power of Google Maps.

Unlike other mapping software, MappMe is completely open source and keeps all data within your own server.

The mobile application allows for anyone to send their location, along with comments to their chosen server via an access token.

It is completely free to use and licensed under MIT, provided 'as is'.

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MappMe was created during my time at college, being utilised as both assignment work and as a way of teaching myself the principles of object oriented programming. The server portion of the project was created with PHP, jQuery based JavaScript and the Google Maps JavaScript API.

Throughout the course of its development I enhanced it with features such; as photo uploading, administrator dashboards and several user settings. I also used extra Google Maps features such as polylines, reverse geodecoding and custom map info dialogues.

Mobile was always going to be a key part of the project, it's incredibly difficult to get a true geolocation from a computer but easy from a mobile device.

The mobile application was created using PhoneGap for Android. This allowed me to use the hardware features of the device (GPS and alerts) while being able to quickly create the interface and interaction flow.

I would recommend PhoneGap for those looking for a quick and simple solution, however I would not use it for something of a grander scale.