Levels Watch Face

Levels Watch Face

Levels Watch Face is the first Android Wear watch face I created with the 5.0 Watch Face API. It comes with a fully-fledged configuration application that allows for extensive customisation.

The watch face was featured on multiple Google Android adverts and was part of the "Wear what you want" campaign.

It has received over 2,000 downloads on the Google Play Store and has laid the foundations for my second set of watch faces which are currently in development.

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This project was my first true Android application, directly using the Java language and Android libraries. I had tried creating applications in the past, however thanks to the lightweight nature of a watch face this was the first, and easiest, way I found of creating and learning the workings of Android.

Rather than a normal application, a watch face is something smaller, unique and generally arty meaning that the level of detail is refined but the scope of required extras is vastly reduced.